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How to Paint Hardiplank or Other Fiber Cement Siding

Although you can purchase Hardiplank or other fiber cement siding already painted, homeowners who want an exotic or specially mixed paint must paint the siding after it has been installed. If you know that you will paint your fiber cement siding, buy it pre-primed. This will save you an extra step and ensure that the primer has been applied well.

If your Hardiplank is completely unprimed and you decide to paint it later, you should plan on adding two coats of primer before painting. Also, keep in mind that Hardiplank is a trademarked name, but it is often used to refer to all fiber cement siding.

Step 1: Cover all installed trim with painter’s tape to protect it from drips while painting. Painter’s tape and newspaper can be used to cover larger objects that may be covered with paint. To protect the shrubs and ground below, consider using drop cloths.

Step 2: Rinse the Hardiplank with a garden hose on a high setting to remove any dust and grime. Once the fiber cement siding is completely clean, let it dry completely before applying paint.

Step 3: While you are waiting for the Hardiplank to dry, combine 3-4 gallons of the same color exterior paint into a single bucket, and mix it well. This will prevent the slight color variations that are typical from bucket to bucket.

TIP: You should be able to stir the paint once combined by hand, but you could also use a long paddle bit attached to an electric drill if you have a lot of paint to mix.

Step 4: Cut in around the edges of the fiber cement siding with an exterior paint brush. Pay particular attention to covering areas that could not be painted effectively with a paint roller.

Step 5: Use a paint roller to apply paint to the Hardiplank over large areas. Be careful when using a roller to cover the entire surface of the fiber cement siding evenly. You may need to use a brush to cover the edge of the siding effectively with paint.

Step 6: Consider if you would like an additional coat. For preprinted Hardiplank, the manufacturer recommends a single coat of paint. If your manufacturer recommends an additional coat, or you are unhappy with a single coat, apply a second coat after the first has dried.